Mauiwowie ERC20
Mauiwowie ERC20

Confirmed Contract

Mauiwowie ERC20 Token

 “MAUIWOWIE” Ethereum Token


We are pleased to announce the launching of:


Our own brand of Crypto Currency built on the Ethereum Platform. Mauiwowie", or "MWW", is a standard ERC20 Ethereum Token. Additionally, we are utilizing Smart Contract Protocol. Thus, allowing for annual upgrades in Smart Contract features. 

Tokens in blockchain: 97,622,570 

In 2018 ICO of 10,000,000 Tokens will be  put on public Trading Index’s. 

ICO Price: $50.00 per token

ICO target $500,000,000


Mauiwowie Hemp Cigarette Rolling Papers are Federally Trade Marked Reg No. 5,274,872  “Mauiwowie”.

The following are State of Hawaii Trade Name filings owned by Mauiwowie Inc: 

Hawaii Hemp Association, Hawaii Cannabis Channel, 808 Marley, Mauiwowie (Digital Currency), Maui Wowie (default awarded, 2 words), Mauiwowie Rolling Papers, Mauiwowie Dispensary, Mauiwowie Magazine

3 Additional State Trade Mark filings: Mauiwowie: Clothing; Raw Hemp Goods; Smoking accessories   


Mauiwowie ERC20 Token is currently a Utility token, with plans to upgrade to a Security Token after Sec Registration  is complete.

Notice of Risk: "Crypto Currency" or "Crypto Assets" is considered a High Risk Market, DO NOT invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Mauiwowie Inc. is an official Hawaii Corporation.

Pre-Ico sales

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After Payment is made please provide your email

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Mauiwowie Inc.

Maui Hawaii


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