Confirmed Contract

Mauiwowie ERC20 Token

 “ Mauiwowie” Ethereum Token


 Mauiwowie Inc. is an official Hawaii corporation.  Pleased to announce:

   Mauiwowie Crypto Currency. Our own brand of Crypto Currency built on the Ethereum platform.  “Mauiwowie", or "MWW", is a standard ERC20 Ethereum Token.  Additionally, we are utilizing Smart Contract Protocol. Thus, allowing for Yearly upgrades in Smart Contract features.    Total tokens in blockchain 97,622,570 

 In 2018 ICO after SEC papaerwork is complete, lot is released ( Aprox. 10,000,000  Tokens) to public Trading index’s Mauiwowie inc. will issue tokens for sale via larger trading sites. This shall be the Launch of ICO ( initial Coin Offering ) 

 The ICO  Launch price @ 50.00 a token   ICO target 500,000,000 

ICO date not available


 Mauiwowie inc.  

 Mauiwowie Hemp Cigarette Rolling papers are Federally Trademarked  Reg No 5,274,872  “Mauiwowie”.

 The following are State of Hawaii Trade Name filings owned by Mauiwowie inc:   Hawaii Hemp Association Hawaii Cannabis Channel : 808 Marley

 : Mauiwowie ( Digital Currency ) Maui Wowie  ( default awarded, 2 words )  : Mauiwowie Rolling Papers :Mauiwowie Dispensary

: Mauiwowie Magazine 

  3 Additional State Trademark filings: Mauiwowie :Clothing                     :Raw Hemp Good                      :Smoking accessories   


 Mauiwowie Cigarette Rolling papers Federal Trademarked  Reg No 5,274,872   

   Mauiwowie inc. has also received approval from the State of Hawaii for business Tradename renewal filing “Mauiwowie” with nature of business ( Digital Currency )   

Mauiwowie ERC20 Token is currently a Utility token , with plans to upgrade to a Security Token after Sec Registration  is complete.

 Notice of Risk.


 " Crypto currency" or "Crypto Assets" is considered a High Risk Market , Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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